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Why choose a local estate agent?

1February Author: Dave Dyer . Date Posted: 1st February, 2015

Why choose a local estate agent? When deciding to sell your home it’s important that you choose the right agent, but how do you know who to pick?

• Do I choose the a large agent who’ve got many properties but may only see me as a number?
• Do I choose the smaller agent who have less properties but may spend more time selling my property?

However you choose to come to your decision, make sure you choose a local estate agent. Why is this so important? Well we’re going to tell you why!

Knowing the Local Market

There’s no secret magic behind valuing houses, estate agents will use what tools they have at their disposal in order to come to a price what they feel your home will sell for. Rightmove and Zoopla both offer tools to agents which allows them to see things such as, what a property previously sold for, how much it achieved within asking price, how long the property was on the market and what the advert looked like etc.. This is usually called “the best price guide” – you may have already seen one of these if you’ve ever had your home valued. What Rightmove and Zoopla don’t offer the agent is, yep you guessed it.. Local Knowledge.

Knowing the local market is essential if you are to achieve the best value for your home. A good local estate agent should know what is planned in the area, which are the most sought after schools, where they are and how far are they away, what attractions are in the area and where the local restaurants are – after all, these are all questions that your buyers will ask.. Wouldn’t you like to know that your agent knows about your home and the area in which their selling it?

Accompanied Viewings

Most, if not all local estate agents will accompany viewings. Having this option is important for times when you may be at work or may not be available to view your home. Many times prospective buyers will drive around areas to search for properties and may ring the agent from the for sale board there and then. Having a local agent means that they can attend usually at short notice with keys provided by you. Prospective buyers tend to prefer viewing with the agent as it allows them to be a lot more truthful when viewing – it also means that you’ll get honest feedback which is invaluable when selling.

The Personal Service

Being able to nip into your local estate agent can’t be overlooked – it allows you to meet someone face to face and have a chat. Online agents save huge costs by cutting down on large staff costs & offices however the only way to speak to someone is to pick up the phone. Using a local agent ensures that any prospective buyers can visit the office and speak to someone who knows a lot about the area and can also really sell your home prior to the viewing.

More Exposure

You’ll want to make sure that you’re getting your moneys worth and having a local estate agent is added exposure for your home. A high street office means that your property isn’t just limited to the world wide web, people can actually see your home in their window and pop inside for additional details. Even though people generally start their search online, lots of buyers young and old still like speaking face to face with a human being!


Local estate agents have experience in selling houses, in particular, houses in your area! Don’t dismiss a local agent with years of experience selling property in your area for a large corporate brand or online agent.

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