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Don’t neglect kerb appeal if you want to sell a property in spring

12February Author: Dave Dyer . Date Posted: 12th February, 2019

As the old saying goes, first impressions count. When it comes to property – particularly after the tired winter months – it’s an expression that is certainly true. With the slightly longer days and prospect of new beginnings firmly in the minds of would-be buyers, if you want to sell a property in spring then making sure your home is visually appealing (both inside and out) should be a top priority.

Shake off the winter blues

It’s easy to let household chores slide during the dark of winter. Lawns are not mowed. Debris gathers in the garden. Dead branches hang from trees.

Not that we’re judging. When it’s constantly snowing and raining, a to-do list is inevitably going to get longer. However, if there is a brief glimpse of sunshine then it should be seen as an opportunity to freshen up and give your property some much-needed TLC.

Why? Well, it’s all down to the importance of kerb appeal. A home’s appearance isn’t just about getting viewers through the door or putting people off from even making that vital initial enquiry. A tired facade can be a deal breaker in some cases.

If a property is unloved on the outside, so the thought process goes, then what else has been neglected? What other costly baggage might this home come with?

Buyers need to be given reasons to fall in love. Creating problems from the outset (and nothing screams ‘problems’ more than peeling fascias and overgrown paths) is putting up a barrier that may be too difficult to overcome.

Priority tasks if you want to sell a property in spring

There’s a reason why the front exterior shot features so prominently in the marketing materials used by estate agents to sell a property. If your home looks good on the outside, then it’s more likely to get people clicking through and seeking out further information.

And while there is only so much within a seller’s control (you won’t be able to change the fundamental appearance or structure of a property without great expense), there is still plenty that can be done to create that all-important first impression. Remember too, that potentially interested parties probably won’t limit themselves to official viewings but may drive past at any time – so as soon as a home is on the market, it’s wise to invest some time in improving its kerb appeal.

If wooden front doors are looking a little worn, try a fresh coat of paint for an instant lift. Clean plastic doors and don’t forget to polish door numbers and letterboxes.

Meanwhile, it might be worth loaning a pressure washer to clean driveways, paths and decking. If plants and borders have been allowed to become unruly over winter, get pruning and weeding.

Potted plants or even artificial greenery placed on either side of the front door is also great for adding a splash of colour and symmetry when gardens are taking time to recover after winter.

If you are getting ready to sell a property in spring, did you know we use professional photography as standard? We’ll make sure your property is looking its best. Book a free valuation with the Redrose team by filling in our form or calling us on 01257 547061.

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