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How to improve your EPC rating

1December Author: Dave Dyer . Date Posted: 1st December, 2015

In today’s tough housing market, a good Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is another factor that can influence a potential buyer’s decisions – a building that is cheaper to heat and light is a more attractive purchase for energy-conscious and environmentally-aware homeowners.

  • An EPC is a standard legal document that ranks a property’s energy efficiency from a grade A rating (very efficient) down to grade G (inefficient).
  • While being indicative of energy expenses, such as potential heating costs, it also highlights what should be done to improve that property’s EPC rating.
  • Only an accredited Domestic Energy Assessor can produce a valid EPC. Red Rose provides the opportunity to purchase an EPC from our qualified assessor if you market your property with us.
  • A property’s EPC must be available to potential buyers as soon as a seller starts to market it for sale or rent.

So how can you improve your property’s EPC before you put it on the market?

Check your windows

Windows are a big contributor to heat loss in any property. Investing in double, or even triple, glazing is a good way to help keep heat in and strengthen your EPC.

Audit your lighting

Standard light bulbs generate more heat and run less efficiently than their low-energy counterpart. Replacing existing bulbs with energy-saving bulbs will help lower your property’s net energy costs and raise its EPC.

Improve your insulation

Heat rises and insulation helps prevent heat escaping from your home. Insulating your loft space is one way to help keep heat in your property for longer and, in turn, improve your EPC.

Upgrade your heating system

Old boilers can lose a lot of heat and waste a lot of energy. Installing a modern energy-efficient boiler can instead retain heat, use less energy and help to boost your EPC.

Draught-proof the gaps

Gaps around doors and windows can allow draughts to come in and heat to escape. Sealing any gaps will help keep the heat in and help better your EPC.

Invest in renewable energy

Installing a micro wind turbine, or rooftop solar panel, transforms wind and sunshine into electricity or heat for your property. Generating your own energy can reduce your property’s reliance on the national grid and have a positive impact on your EPC.

We provide the opportunity to purchase an EPC from our qualified assessor if you market your property with us. For more information about purchasing an Energy Performance Certificate, visit our EPC page.

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