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How to prepare your house for sale

29December Author: Dave Dyer . Date Posted: 29th December, 2014

Starting to prepare your house for sale is one of the most important aspects when selling your home. Everyone wants to sell quick and get the best possible price. Sound great? Well it’s not luck that makes that happen. Perseverance and precise planning will send prospective tenants running for their wallets. Here’s how to prepare your home for sale and turn it into a seductive marketable home.

First Impressions

The first thing buyers see is the outside of your property so take a stroll outside and have a good stare. Compare it to your neighbours house – if it makes you feel slighly deflated then it’s likely that you’ve already deflated your potential buyers.

Ask yourself these questions:

• When was the last time I cut the lawn?
• Have I ever painted those window frames?
• How long have those leaves been in my gutter?
• Do weeds say that I am in touch with nature or that I’m just too lazy to maintain my own garden?

De Personalize

Box up all those personal photos and finger paintings. It can be difficult for buyers to see past personal artifacts, you don’t want them to be distracted from your beautiful home. Buyers want to visualise their own items, don’t let anything keep them from seeing that.


De Clutter, de clutter like your life depended on it! It’s amazing how much junk we can accumulate over years of living at a property.

• If you don’t need it, why don’t you donate it or throw it away
• Remove magnets from fridges and those cute finger paintings
• Tidy up your wires – buy plastic cable tidiers from B&Q
• Clean your kitchen counter – clean off all those unwanted items and make sure you wash and put away your dishes!
• Posters on your children’s bedroom walls
• Dead plants? Buy some fresh or fake ones!

Spring Clean

Serious attention to details is needed here. Make sure you give your home a thorough going over.

• Dust off those skirting boards
• Clean your windows – ask your window cleaner to do this inside as well?
• It goes without saying but give the carpets a good hoover.
• Dust off those fixtures and furniture.
• Polish furniture, taps, mirrors and TV’s. (Make sure there are no streaks!)
• Bleach your tiles & grout. If there’s black mould then consider getting it re-sealed.
• Scrub the oven clean, it may sound a bit over the top but buyers can be notoriously nosy.

Get rid of pets

Not many buyers want to be welcomed by your slobbery St Bernard. If possible remove pets altogether when buyers are viewing your home. See if a friend or family member can take them or better yet, take Berny for a walk yourself.

Accompanied Viewings

You’d like to think that your estate agent knows a thing or two about selling houses, why not let them get on with it!

Prospective buyers don’t really like vendors hovering over them while their trying to nose around your room or pass judgement on your choice of hair gel. It’s rather off putting. Buyers that feel awkward are much less likely to spend longer in your home and get the full impact of how brilliant it is and most importantly, whether they’d actually like to buy it!

Renovate and Re-paint

When was the last time you gave your house a lick of paint? Those dirty hand marks on your walls might not be an issue whilst you’re living in your home however prospective buyers are quick to pass judgement. The devil is in the details, look at your property from the eyes of a buyer. Would anything you see let you down if you were viewing your own home?

• Replace broken light bulbs
• Repair shrinkage cracks in walls
• Touch up paintwork and repaint completely if necessary – neutral colours are best.
• Roll up some fresh towels in the bathroom – even add some small soaps for that added special touch.
• Get rid of any garish wallpaper or pink paint in your daughters bedroom.
• Buy some reed defusers and plugins. You could even go that step further and bake some bread on the day of your viewings.
• Replace cushions, bedspreads and curtains that are worn or garish.


Natural light usually tops the list of what potential buyers look for in a property, however this may not always be available. Fortunately there are other ways to make sure your house is bright.

• Replace low wattage bulbs for higher bulbs – you can always replace them when you’re finished
• Open up all of your curtains
• Pull up your blinds, or make sure they’re open!
• Repaint dark rooms with a light color.
• Prune any trees that may be blocking out the light.

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