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What is the right to rent scheme?

24September Author: Dave Dyer . Date Posted: 24th September, 2017

If you start renting out a property in England, then you are now legally obliged to check the immigration status of all tenants over the age of 18. Failure to comply with this requirement could result in a costly fine or even a prison sentence.

These checks are compulsory for every adult living in the property, even if they’re not named on the tenancy agreement. While checks aren’t required for children, landlords will still need to prove young people living in the property are under the age of 18. For this reason, it is prudent to keep a record of all occupiers’ birthdates to make sure you remain on the right side of the law.

How do I carry out a right to rent check?

Find out how many adults will be living in the property, as their main or only home. Ask to see original documents to prove they can live in the UK, check that these are genuine and make a copy, also remembering to record the date that the copy was made. You should keep the copies in a safe place for at least 12 months after the tenancy has ended.

For further information and a full list of identity documents that are acceptable, take a look at this guide published by the Government.

How do I store copies of ID?

When you make a copy of the documents, you must:

• Make a copy that can’t be altered, by taking a photograph or high-quality photocopy
• Copy every page of the documentation
• Abide by data protection law

What happens if my tenant has a time-limited right to rent?

A time limit may be placed on a person’s permission to stay if, for example, they are on a student or work visa. In this circumstance, you must carry out a follow-up check to make sure your tenant still has the right to rent in the UK. If you find out that your tenant no longer has the right to rent, you must inform the Home Office.

Why do I need to check everyone?

Landlords must not discriminate against prospective tenants. It is against the law to only check people you think aren’t British citizens.

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